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We represent 6,500+ Lazaridis faculty students and their academic, extracurricular and career interests through our 25 clubs and associations on the Wilfrid Laurier Waterloo campus.

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Welcome to your faculty association...we mean family...

The Lazaridis Students' Society is a student-led governing body of the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics. We work to support the interests of everyone at Lazaridis and are here for every undergraduate student on campus.

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Meet our incredible team of students working to help ensure your student experience meets and (hopefully) surpasses your expectations. They also work as advocates within your faculty, are leaders on campus, and support each of our clubs' missions.

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Meet our team, explore our story, and see what we're up to.

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EDI + Advocacy

How do we serve students?
The short answer is in a lot of ways. Click below to see how we affect your undergraduate experience.

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Clubs + associations

The core of our community is our clubs

All of our clubs and associations operate independently and are an integral part of what makes Lazaridis among the best places to get tangible experience while on campus.

Explore our 25 clubs and associations and see what they're doing on campus, who they're hiring for and much more.

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